Just in case anyone still reads this...

I thought I'd post the covers of the newspaper I work for that contain my photography. I doubt anyone still reads this blog as I've left most of you out in the cold like an old eskimo tribesman on an iceberg waiting for death...but in case you've yet to suffer your cold fate and are clinging to life by visting this page, here you go.

(By the way, I completely lost myself in that metaphor and can only hope you managed to find your own way through it.)

My fisrt cover shot...a story about folks in wheel chairs going horseback riding. I'd mention my ideas for possible headlines, but then I'd go straight to hell.

A story about a bobcat being released into the wild. This photo was taken right before he ripped the face off a young child who got too close to the cage.

Earth shattering community news story about limited parking at the local little league field...I'm hoping for a Pulitzer.

Feature interviews with three local, young muscians who admittedly all spoke better than I did. Punks.

You may be wondering what kind of perks I get regularly as a reporter. Well, for one I get to hang out with high school principals AND I get the insider's sneak peek at the new high school being built. Forget backstage passes and VIP parties...public education is where it's at.

This guy may look like Gollum, but he's got one hell of a break shot. Along with one hell of a hair cut.

I'm photographing a wedding this weekend and will throw up some shots from that. Until then, check out my daily blog posts for work (called Your Daily Dose) at MyStJohnsSun.com