life in checkout lane 10

this guy's story is unreal. it's what i want for my own life. to be used by God in powerful ways in unexpected, everyday situations so that people can experience His love. and to have the courage to just pray for folks like this dude does. (Also, I love how this guy pronounces "donuts.")


Nails and Dante

For the past few days Nails and his four month old dog Dante have been crashing on the couch. Nails has been riding trains around the country for the past 5 years. Originally from Texas/The Midwest, he's now living a day at a time on the rails.

He's an interesting guy, and we've had a lot to talk about. He's definitely taken most of the romanticism of being a train hobo and thrown it out the door. He's living a tough life...but one full of stories and adventures all its own.

Think he's plannin' on staying through the weekend before he catches a train heading north to Baltimore or Philly to meet up with a fellow road dog.

Nails and Dante relaxing and enjoying some solid video game action...

Some more of Dante because he just couldn't get enough of the camera...