Kevin McCallister lives!

Seeing as I'm learning to play the guitar, I figured I'd go ahead and just skip most of the learning process and start writing my own songs. Here's the first one: "Christmas Vacation" or "What I did with my first afternoon after losing my job."

Yeah........I know.

Anyway, the lyrics go a little something like this:

Kevin you're what the French call le incompetant
Kevin, you're such a disease
Look what you did you little jer
Did anyone order me a plain cheese pizza?

I don't want to sleep with Fuller, he wets the bed
Fine we'll put Fuller somewhere else
Kevin get upstairs, I am upstairs you dummy
I made my family disappear

Buzz I'm going through all your private stuff
You better come out and pound me
Buzz's girlfriend, woof
Guys I'm eating junk and watching rubbish

I'm gonna give you to the count of 10
To get your ugly, yellow, no good keister off my property
1, 2, 10
Keep the change you filthy animal

This is it, don't get scared now
I'm the man of the house I have to defend it
Marv, where are your shoes
Harry, why the hell are you dressed like a chicken

Repeat Chorus

Pretty amazing I know.


Invitational Artist Exhibition

Submitted an application to the Folio Weekly Invitational Artist Exhibition. Submitted the following 5 examples of my work:

And here is the "artist's statement" I came up with (that was a required part of the application):

Mac is a guy. A guy that digs an off-kilter sense of beauty and simplicity. His goal is to share this with those who would listen (or look) in the hope of rearranging how they see the world around them. He aims to do this by photographing roadside junk, abandoned buildings and any other seemingly hum-drum scene that goes unnoticed or gets lost in the daily grind of a busy life. Mac is a guy who encourages everyone to take time to appreciate cracks in the sidewalk, faded paint jobs everywhere and the serenity of finding shapes in the clouds.

(Yeah, pretty pathetic I know.)

The response from Folio was encouraging. We'll see what happens. This amrks the first time I've ever tried to get my stuff into a gallery or show.


this feels good...

...to be editing and posting photos. here are some bottles from some old dude's house...

yes kristy...i'm still in love with blacks. i'll get over it one day.


some recent photos

haven't been doing my own photography thing for awhile. grabbed this first shot today driving back to work after interviewing some lady for a story. grabbed the second one at a retirement home last week while working on another story. makes me want to get out and use my camera more...


scary movie

Scary movies are one thing. This is something altogether different. It's a 30 minute summary of the movie IOUSA. Check it out (it's a good use of 30 minutes) and leave your thoughts.


new life

so, let me just go ahead and save everyone the trouble of interpreting the title of this entry like we had to interpret the symbolism in a a separate peace back in 6th grade.

a new life....for this journal. a reason to update on a much, much more regular basis. it has to do with the third reason for this entry.

a new life...in my daily life. i quit smoking and have been without a cigarette for the past 3 days. yeah, it's only 3 days....but i think if i can make it 3 months (which i plan to) i can make it as long as i need to...which the plan calls for that period of time being the rest of my life.

a new life...style. in september i joined couchsurfing.com. it has turned out to be one of the best decisions i've ever made. it basically consists of people who offer to let travlers stay in their homes at no charge, instead of staying in a hotel or hostel. it's a way to bring the world together, to live cheaper and to make friends from around the world.

since september i've had about 10 groups of people come through, some traveling alone, some consisting of 2-4 people. and it's been amazing. i've had people from all over the states (from vegas to philly) and from around the world (two brothers from iran and a couple of folks from germany.)

my brother sam thought it'd be a good idea to blog about people who have stayed here, and i agreed. (he's a smart guy, good thing i taught him well.) so with that...here's a photo recap of one of the most recent groups to come through. four students (three from poland and one from chile) came through for a night and we had a pretty good time together.

here's the five of us walking along the river on our way to london bridge...one of the best real pubs in town.

at london bridge with jaga, ewa, piotrek and rodrigo.

then it was back to the apartment where the girls cooked some pasta.

they left the next morning and headed down to the florida keys. and that's pretty much the life of a couch surfer. a good time together, good conversation, a lot of laughs...and the next day that's it. though i have had some folks stay for up to three days.

and with that...here are some photos of other couch surfers that have come through and enjoyed life at casa de awesome. (unfortunately i don't have photos of all of them. but with regular updates, hopefully that will change. lucky you.)

honnes and johannes from dusseldorf germany who stayed for three days...

bjorn from zurich, switzerland who stayed for a night...

my friend ashley from new york, and petra (a couchsurfer and professional tennis player) enjoying ourselves...

diachi and sana, a brother and sister from seattle who rode their bikes cross country w/ jacksonville as their very last stop...

amir and ardalan, brothers from iran who are driving to california right now...

and finally...anna and hendrik from cologne germany roasting mini-marshmellows over my scented glade candle...

so yeah. that's couch surfing. it's amazing and has radically changed my life in a number of ways. i won't even pretend to be able to describe how...but it has. truly. and so now when someone stays, the plan is to write about it on here and share it with all of you. does this blog just keep getting more awesome or what?