Invitational Artist Exhibition

Submitted an application to the Folio Weekly Invitational Artist Exhibition. Submitted the following 5 examples of my work:

And here is the "artist's statement" I came up with (that was a required part of the application):

Mac is a guy. A guy that digs an off-kilter sense of beauty and simplicity. His goal is to share this with those who would listen (or look) in the hope of rearranging how they see the world around them. He aims to do this by photographing roadside junk, abandoned buildings and any other seemingly hum-drum scene that goes unnoticed or gets lost in the daily grind of a busy life. Mac is a guy who encourages everyone to take time to appreciate cracks in the sidewalk, faded paint jobs everywhere and the serenity of finding shapes in the clouds.

(Yeah, pretty pathetic I know.)

The response from Folio was encouraging. We'll see what happens. This amrks the first time I've ever tried to get my stuff into a gallery or show.


michaelcosta said...

rock on! the 2nd one is my fave. i like the description too.

wrecklessgirl said...

yay macky--i love them all. in fact, i was there when you shot some of them. *proud as can be* for you taking this kind of a step toward something new and scary and exciting all at the same time. bravi!

Brian Gray said...

hi mac. I really dig your pics. Good stuff man! Good luck with Folios art show, i might submit some things to them too.-B.G.

Anonymous said...

yeahhh! I love the last one. And the 'cracks in the sidewalk' remind me of the three birds spray-painted on the sidewalk on that one street. king street? park street? it was a street and it brought me to walgreens and that little antique shop with the fat corgi named Rosie. Well, I love the hell out of those three birds, but a photo obviously didn't translate as well as i would've liked. booyah!

Stefanie said...

Hi. I am just going to go ahead and put in my order for one copy of all of these please... because you'll be super famous soon and won't have time for your old friends. Mmkay thx.

Drab said...

quite a talent you got there mate, keep up the good work!