some recent photos

haven't been doing my own photography thing for awhile. grabbed this first shot today driving back to work after interviewing some lady for a story. grabbed the second one at a retirement home last week while working on another story. makes me want to get out and use my camera more...


Erin said...

Yeah! More photos! And couch surfing! Awesome!

wrecklessgirl said...

DOOD!!! i would LOVE a huge print of #2. the post office image. i'm going to the post office today, strangely.

seriously, though. 30X40" plz. thx. :)

you have so much more of a gift than you realize.

Jeff said...

Nice pics, Mac!

Question: is that truck in the top pic Orange in color? If so, can I use it on my blog. Check it out at OrangeVehicles.blogspot.com.