my apologies

i hate to post some random internet video on my photography blog, but it's had me laughing all day. darth's got the blues...


life at four a.m.

i couldn't sleep tonight, and so around four this morning decided to just drive around town and photograph whatever caught my eye. after an hour or so i ended up with the following.

also, these photos are presented along with the logo i made for myself. i'm sure you're just as excited as i am...


phil wickham

phil played tonight and gave me an opportunity to shoot my first concert since moving out here. he's solid and puts on a great show all by himself. check out his website.
his website
his myspace


more from santa cruz...with commentary. lucky you.

last week kristy and i went down to san francisco and santa cruz. we photographed a family, and spent the next five days hanging around with some folks she knew. while in san fran (is it lame to call it that?) we went to the de young museum for the last 35 minutes it was open.

the courtyard...or the walls vs. themselves

the walls outside the courtyard...or the mirror of humanity

the lobby of the museum...or one guy pretending to understand a really big art thing on the wall

the next day we made our way to santa cruz to meet up with tanja and greg. tanja is a crazy talented photographer who did some shots of kristy and i (which might just be used on the wreckless studios website). and greg is a guy tanja knows...and who now, i know. i didn't do a whole lot of shooting myself, but managed to grab a few shots.

kristy...or thinking how rad mac is, but surprisingly not appearing to be too excited by the idea, which is unfortunate

kristy...or thinking about one of the hilarious things mac just said

kristy...or musicans don't wear shoes

while we were shooting, we met this dude named david, who leads a pretty rough life, played some songs on guitar for us, and who met neil young a couple of times...one of which he was hanging onto the mirror of neil's tour bus while drunk.

david...or hope never dies, and if it did, that'd be ok

then we drove to this burned down house to do more photo stuff.

the house...or punk bums' hideout

and here are some shots of greg...who lived in china the same time i did.

greg...or what mac's abs look like when they aren't covered up by a slight beer belly

greg again...or insert witty caption here, because i'm ready for bed

and with that, i'll call it a night.


the blogosphere...

...if the blogosphere was arrested, its mugshot would look like this:

and if you took a candid photo, it would look like this:

the reason i bring this up, is because i don't read too many personal blogs. and i'd like to. there's a couple i check in on...and tons of nerd oriented blogs i check every couple of minutes. but i'd like to bookmark more of my friends' and aquaintences' blogs. and read them. and memorize them. and then go to their houses and spy on them. with the goal of studying their innermost being...in order to surprise them with the perfect birthday present. i wouldn't stalk them to be creepy. i'd stalk for birthday presents. which seems like a reasonable reason to stalk someone...for their benefit.

so, if you have a blog (and love birthday presents!) let me know. and livejournal blogs don't count...because i already have a lot of those i read. also because i'm not 13-24 anymore. though i did update my journal there about two days ago....

and if you don't have a blog...start one. that's how you get cool on the internet.