the blogosphere...

...if the blogosphere was arrested, its mugshot would look like this:

and if you took a candid photo, it would look like this:

the reason i bring this up, is because i don't read too many personal blogs. and i'd like to. there's a couple i check in on...and tons of nerd oriented blogs i check every couple of minutes. but i'd like to bookmark more of my friends' and aquaintences' blogs. and read them. and memorize them. and then go to their houses and spy on them. with the goal of studying their innermost being...in order to surprise them with the perfect birthday present. i wouldn't stalk them to be creepy. i'd stalk for birthday presents. which seems like a reasonable reason to stalk someone...for their benefit.

so, if you have a blog (and love birthday presents!) let me know. and livejournal blogs don't count...because i already have a lot of those i read. also because i'm not 13-24 anymore. though i did update my journal there about two days ago....

and if you don't have a blog...start one. that's how you get cool on the internet.


Jemma Coleman said...

i like birthday presents more than anything. well, except being stalked, that's my favorite. but it looks like you're offering the complete package here.

as you know, i have a blog, er two blogs that i just made yesterday around the same time you were probably posting this.


kristy said...

i love the images. i also love the fact that they're so interesting, i'm neglecting to get out of bed and go to my grandmother's bd party going on right now.