my first haunted corn maze...

...and my first regular corn maze for that matter.

earlier this month, stefanie, sam, some work friends and i went out towards gainesville for a haunted corn maze. it was stef's idea and it was a good one. turns out haunted corn mazes are a real good time.

before we even mazed it up, we enjoyed a good ol' fashion corn box.

what's a corn box? a box full of corn.

then it was time for the maze. here's the entrance. spooky spooky!

and into the darkness we went, but i wasn't scared...no matter what anyone else might say.

at first it was relaxing and everyone enjoyed a beverage.

...and that's exactly when a little kid in a skeleton masked popped out.

then came this chainsaw guy. and despite what the group may tell you, i only ran away screaming from him in order to build the atmosphere and sense of fun for everyone else.

then it was back to finding our way through the maze.

for the next thirty minutes, life consisted of walking calmly through the dark, stopping often to decide which path to follow.

towards the end, we encountered another chainsaw guy. sam was most definitely scared and crying for his mama. but me...i wasn't scared. at all. really.

finally we made it out, unchainsawed and and spirits unhaunted and intact.

then it was time for the haunted hay ride. which also i wasn't scared of.

it was basically the seven of us and a bunch of high school kids trying to cop a feel and make out when no one was looking.

then some scary stuff happened.

and then this guy jumped on board. i started screaming that he was using a real sword, and it sounded like i was scared...but again, i was just trying to build the atmosphere for everyone else. (and i have no idea what sam is doing back there.)

after that it was time to jump into the hay pile.

definitely a great night.