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04.20.07 at freebirds
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incredibly rad live show. security told me i couldn't use my camera, because it was 'too professional looking', and i didn't have the 'paper work' they required. but seeing as anyone with a camera phone or point-and-shoot camera was allowed to take photos, i decided i was allowed as well.


jocelyn said...

These are wonderful.

I hear you on the "your camera looks too professional" thing. I got that a lot at Bonnaroo, and frankly, it pisses me off. Unless they post it everywhere that there's no photography whatsoever, IMO you should be able to take pictures with whatever kind of camera that you please (provided it's not distracting).

I think folks are too afraid of the digital revolution, and some bands I know want to take control of their image. The former is dumb, the latter is understandable.

Anton said...

Great angle on the first couple!
where were you shooting it from?
I like the yellow light hitting part of the crowd. The parts where it's not hitting looks so desturated almost looks BW in contrast.