i'm closer to thirty now.

i turned 26 on sunday. i was in portland with my roommate and some people she knew. we had a solid time, and it was a great birthday...other than getting closer to 30.

this also marks one of the very few birthdays where my buddy Captain Zoom didn't sing me my personalized birthday song. for those who don't know, Zoom's song is the highlight of my birthday, as he makes a trip all the way from the moon to sing me a song as he zooms overhead. it's a very special occasion. if you go to his website, and give him some money, Captain Zoom will also provide you your very own birthday song as well. it's worth it. seriously.

here's a quick sample of the song. though in this case, Zoom is singing to some nerd named Jason.

this truly is one of my favorite songs ever, and the best part of my birthday. you can bet that when my audio cassette is all worn out, i'll be ordering a new version on CD. though i have to say, Captain Zoom makes a very high quality product, and i doubt the tape will ever wear out.

thanks zoom. see you next yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrr!


Zach said...

this glass is raised to zoom, "today".

Anton said...

That is the best song I've heard...

Lisa Christine Photo said...

AHH!! Thank you so much for this post!! My husband tells me every year about this song and wishes he still had his cassette. I'm so excited for his birthday next year now!! :)

Amy said...

I totally had Zoom sing me Happy Birthday every year growing up. Once in high school, my friends sneakily got my Zoom tape from my mom and gave it to our choir teacher to play in for all 80+ members. i was mortified.