My new favorite band played this weekend at the Mill Top Tavern in St. Augustine. DISH is comprised of two brothers who jam on an acoustic guitar and a set of drums made out of old buckets and hubcaps (and cymbals). Check out their myspace page and listen to the song Flutter. The day of their show I bought a new lens, and borrowed a flash from a friend and decided to test out both that night. Here's what I got.

the band is good friends with my buddy george, and they asked him to come up and play a song or two.

it's good to be back in the bars with music and a camera. real good.


Tim Young said...

These are great.

I'll be coming through Florida soon. We should hang out.

Anonymous said...

I'm digging the song you suggested. Reminds me of this band The Dodos that I've had a love affair with for a few months now. We're very happy together.

I too will be in Florida soon enough!