The best contest of your life

I got this idea from my brother Sam, so I credit him for his greatness. (There, I declared you great in a public forum, for all the world to see. Don't say I never did anything for you bro.)

I'm going to write out the notes I took while interviewing someone for the newspaper yesterday. I'll write out exactly what I wrote, in the order I wrote it. It's your job to guess what the story is about.

The winner will get something. Probably.


- 4 or 5 years
- It's fun, I get a kick out of it.
- I get a lot of I love yous and how they'll make cookies and what type they'll make me.
- They're so shocked sometimes all they say is yes sir.
- Look forward to it.
- Sometimes at least 75 households.
- Hundreds
- Curtis L. Lewis II
- Rec specialist

Alright, there you go...let the guessing begin.


Elaine Davis said...

Yes! I feel like i've got this one in the bag...maybe because I have some experience as a christmas elf.

You were interviewing Santa Claus!

wrecklessgirl said...

brilliant idea for a contest...though i am clueless. i wanted to say someone who custom designs christmas trees (lol!), you know, the fake ones that are ridiculously gorgeous.

although, elaine sounds on the money.

Anonymous said...

lacrosse?! only cause that was what your editor was going on about when i was there.
or um. is it about a door to door santa?!?!?!?!?! that would be rad. making florida ten times radder than it was when i was there [radness has declined since my departure. coincidence? ......] Side track, I hope it was an interview with the Santa that was at the diner we went to that knows my doppelganger. Wait, door to door stripping Santa?!
i'm waiting for one of my roommates to get the fuck home so we can go to an AWESOME show. I'm drinking and getting impatient. Impatient McGee.
oh geez.

SAM said...

don't taze me bro