the new digs

while the economy is a real downer these days, at least there's a silver lining for everyone. and by everyone, i mean me. because i have no job, which means i have no cash to pay my landlord, i had to move out of my apartment. how is that a good thing? because my friends rich and mindy offered to let me stay with them for awhile. how is that a good thing? because their house is full of love, and it's good to be part of a family on a day to day basis. (don't hold me to that...i'm only 2 days in...)

so, i thought i'd go ahead and give you a quick tour of my new murray hill home, which you're more than welcome to come visit.

dinner table/computer table/table dancing table?

view from the tv

the art room, complete with crayons and fingerpaint

the kitchen...guess it's time i learn to cook

the music studio. oh yeah...did i mention my new house has a full on recording studio? because it does.

and finally...my bedroom. shutup, rent's free.


Emily said...

Just so you know, I'm going to hold you to that invation for a tea party. I expect crumpets too. I'm not sure what they are, but they better be there.

hollytenille said...

Mindy sent me your blog link. I like!

sarah said...

what an adorable place! we just moved to murray hill, corner of crescent & murray. maybe we'll see you around the hood!