moving to oregon

i leave tomorrow morning for a new life in oregon. i have an opportunity to work with a friend, doing photography full time, and hopefully building a our own studio in the near future. the truck is packed and i'm looking forward to being on the road for 4-5 days.

my next post will be coming to you from the other side of the continent. so, if it smells like hippies and mountains...you'll know why.


Mel said...

You are missed already......though....the inspiration i see already is awesome....
i'll see you someday soon.

Anonymous said...

little orygun' is not so bad. you'll soon become partial to the looming pines, seemingly painted sunsets, practically-free phosphates and the doting apron strings of community members. once you get over your peeking-behind-doors fetish and wet-flip-flop complex, i'm sure you'll fit right in. thanks for today. that was way too much fun.