my first wedding...as an assitant

shot my first wedding about two weeks. a photographer friend asked me to second shoot (assist) on her clients' wedding. here's some shots i ended up with...along with the idea of becoming a full-fledged wedding photographer.

it was an interesting experience, being at someone's wedding that i didn't know, and having them trust that you'll capture it all on camera. and i almost lost the bride's wedding band in the process...but at the end of the day, found myself enjoying the experience as a whole. the next weekend i was the sole photographer at my friend amanda's wedding, and as soon as i finish editing those shots i will post them.


kristy said...

awww....these are amazing. like i've already told you in person a hundred times. i missed the smashing cake pic. it's really great. first wedding, huh? BAH! yah right.

Justin said...

Fantastic Mac. This is making me wish you could have done our wedding. Actually, maybe you could have... I'll stop thinking about it.

You have a gift.

Erin said...

MAC! I love, love the photos. If only I had known a year ago... yep I'll have to stop thinking about it too.

May I ask what you shoot with?

tiffany said...


mandy said...

these are just amazing mac. the colors and everything together.

wow. just wow. congrats!

ashleigh said...

veddy nice