two items of note...

three. i lied.

A. photos from the recent wedding i did will be posted in the next day or so.
2. a black cat crossed my path tonight. halloween night. no one around me seemed to care when i blurted it out in public as it happened.
D. i discovered something incredible tonight. Rifftrax. it's the same guys who did mystery science theater 3000. you download mp3's they've recorded making fun of and riffing on movies. you play the mp3 seperately, but at the same time while watching the movie. i'm probably not explaining this very well. basically it's mystery science theater 3000, but on your computer, and with recent big-budget movies. and if you don't know what mystery science theater 3000 is (the BEST television show from my adolescence), we can never be friends.


(also, if anyone can name the movie i took my lettering system from [a, 2, d] you win a prize. and it will probably be something awesome. probably. probably really awesome. or close to really awesome. it will at least be SOMETHING. probably.)

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home alone....buzz.... duh