the 5th...

the fifth of july. the day after. i slept until 12:30, woke up, watched movies, ate pizza and basically recovered from a long/great night before. then, around 8 or 9 p.m. people showed up at my apartment. then, some people went home, and other people joined in. at this point it was me, stef, kelly and dave hanging out on kelly's porch.

dave and kelly got into an argument that could only be decided by arm-wrestling. stef acted as ref.

dave won. kelly was sad...but not too sad, because she let him win

dave however was fully living in the moment of victory

then my friend altes showed up...he's the hairy guy on the right

kelly provided us with glow bracelets. altes made a glow necklace.

without the flash it looked like this

then we just sort of went crazy with the camera

then it was time to go home, even though home was only ten feet away. altes did a jig.

then reached for a door. i'll let you decided whether or not if he knew it was the right one

eventually he found his way (though it was creepily lit with ghost lights)

once home safe, he showed his true pirate colors using a beer cap

i fell asleep around seven this morning. it was a good night.


Cousin Peg said...

It looks so fun I'm guessing it was worth the subsequent pain. We are off to Iceland and hope to amaze you wih our photos when we get back. Get Well Soon!

Cousin Peg said...

by "wih" I of course mean "wit'