the fourth

spent last night with an incredibly random and incredibly fun group:

my neighbor kelly, kristin my friend since third grade and my buddy george

we watched fireworks on the river about half a block from my apartment. here's what the view looked like

the drinks flowed heavily all night, and after the fireworks, we kept the festivities going with three bottles of champagne and a number of delicious beers.

we kicked things off with a great toast

then we decided everyone had to make a face for the camera

*george had a great photo that he asked me not to post. booooo*

then kristin decided to let her hair down and really just let loose for the night

then george got lucky

then there was a staring contest

george won and kristin accepted defeat with dignity

kelly wa sjust happy to have witnessed the event

she was proud to personally know the winner

then she demonstrated her own techniques for winning a staring contest

i tried to learn her style but just intimidated everyone. probably because i worked out once in high school

george wasn't impressed

to redeem myself, i tried to impress my neighbor with my strength

but we both knew it was a joke

kristin was amazed at everything going on

five minutes later, her expression hadn't changed

we shared a final toast together as things began to wind down

then i peed in the river as kristin tried to take a photo

it was a great night. the best 4th of july i've had in a long time. after the river, we went back up to five points and had another round of drinks and laughs. ended up staying awake until 3:30 talking on kelly's porch. great, great night. rough, rough morning.

as the guy who's usually behind the camera, i don't often post photos of myself. but kristin hijacked my camera and after setting it up for her and showing her what button to push, she managed to document the many faces of mac mitchell during a night of drinking...which i will share with you now.

hope everyone has an excellent weekend.


wrecklessgirl said...

dude--these pictures RULE!!! look at you guys! so full of awesomeness. i'm jealous because i miss you terribly. terribly. oh so terribly. amazing work, even as silly as it is.

elaine davis said...

oh mac. you are fun.

Christopher said...

1. you were wearing the same shirt when I saw you the day before. Following your example, I say: SAVE THE PLANET! DO LESS LAUNDRY!
2. George looks legitimately happy.