i don't care if you're a dreamer, a sports lover or just someone who loves a great show. watch field of dreams. let it inspire you to dream, let it encourage you to play harder, or allow it to entertain you. regardless...watch it. it's full of hope, imagination and love...three of my very favorite things. plus, if i watch it with my dad, we can bond, because it's about sports. and i like that.

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kristy said...

you always have something amazing to say. i read it and feel all tingley inside and then immediately flow into wishful thinking that maybe, when you're not buzzed, that you will be able to speak these things outloud. in the moment of whatever is happening. because ironically, it makes it hard to believe you actually believe what you say. does this make sense? i mean, the only answer can be *yes* you believe your own words, how else could you put them out there?

maybe i just need to experience mac in floriday. floriduh. FL.