travel update #1

i got snowed in. i got about 15 miles out of town, and the snow was getting worse and worse. i didn't like the thought of having to cross a mountain pass in about 2 hours, which was getting even more snow than around here. so i turned around and came back to the house. i checked the weather/highway report before i left and decided to disregard the severe weather warning, which stated: Through the Siskiyou Pass, snow will increase over the region through the morning as another potent winter storm enters the region. A Winter Storm Warning means significant amounts of snow... Sleet...and ice are expected or occurring. Strong winds are also possible. This will make travel very hazardous or impossible. Hazardous or impossible?...neither of those seem good.

I just checked the highway camera up around the pass and it's pretty nasty.

Check it out:

Unfortunately, there really isn't any other options as far as alternate routes go. And since chains are currently required, and the road is under a couple inches of snow, it looks as though I'm going to have to wait until Monday once the warning is lifted and some sunshine is expected.

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stefaniezimmerman said...

are you on the road now? I'm dying to know!