you can never go home again...

...actually, that isn't true. i've been back home once (from china) and am doing the same thing again, this time coming home from oregon. the plan is to leave in the morning. the only thing that might mess things up is the weather. i might get snowed in for a couple of days, so we'll have to wait and see what the conditions are in the morning. currently, while taking the interstate through southern oregon, the requirement is to at least carry snow chains, which i don't have. and even if i did, i have no idea how to use them. my knowledge is centered more around flip-flops and beer.

regardless, i will be home at some point in the next two weeks. oregon is a great place...just not for me. at least not right now. i'm looking forward to being back amongst family and close friends. i'm going to try and do as much photography along the way as possible...maybe updating when i stop at night, maybe waiting until i'm home.

i'll keep all you readers (which is about three of you) posted on the travel schedule. for anyone in oregon, it was great being a part of life out here. for anyone at home, i'm looking forward to being a part of life there. for anyone anywhere else, i'm glad to be a part of life on the internet.


Anonymous said...

don't be so modest mac.
your knowledge also expands to pizza, google
video, andbig bird trivia; also admirable.
it's dissapointing that you're leaving before
buying your first pair of gloves.
or maybe you're leaving to sidestep them?
i'll cross my fingers that the weather will spare you,
and by that i mean snow so hard that you're marooned to the valley, and by that i mean
stupid snow, and by that i mean let it snow.

Justin said...

Wow. I know the MM life moves quickly, but I'm surprised.

I'll be praying that this move is a good one.

Peace, brother.

Tim Young said...

Looks like a beautiful place you're leaving. If you get a hankering to be back up Chicago way, notify me at once.

I look forward to more pictures. You're a good dude.

Anonymous said...

very entertaining commentary and pictures