been awhile...

my apologies for leaving everyone in the cold here. i flew home for a couple of weeks to spend the holidays with the family. it was a couple of weeks well spent. i learned how to make pasta with fresh clam sauce. i got to talk, laugh, hug, argue and laugh again with close friends and family. and i jumped in the atlantic ocean early in the morning on new year's day. it was hard to have to leave...though i do feel as if i'm returning with a renewed spirit and slightly more direction. i'm hopeful for 2008.

i'd hate to leave you empty handed, as i don't have any photos to share, so instead i'll simply encourage you to watch the following movie trailers.

wall-e: looks to be the most charming pixar film yet. and that's saying something.
quiet city: sort of an indie 'lost in translation'. i have high hopes.
b-boy: documentary of the world breakdancing championships. what more needs to be said?

happy new year everyone.

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