this time i REALLY do know someone on american idol...

i know i said i knew kristy lee cook, who auditioned for american idol and made it onto the show. but i just found out that a girl i knew in college just auditioned as well. i met her through some friends and even talked to her sitting on the front steps of her house. and with that being said...

this is London Weidberg...(the picture is messed up for the first five seconds or so.)

so her audition wasn't incredibly strong, but i think she has potential. now the question is...do i root for her to win, or for my future wife miss kristy lee cook. of course i'm rooting for both...but if they make the final two, then i might turn into this season's crying girl.

and yes, i realize how sad it is that i'm blogging about american idol.

and yes, i realize it's even sadder that i know about the existence of crying girl.

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