ted talks

some of you may know about TED. and i'm not talking about your favorite drunk uncle. TED stands for technology, entertainment, design. it's a conference held (from what i can gather) twice a year. it features performers and speakers spanning the three previously mentioned topics, and everything in between. it's basically a smart people conference. and a creative people conference. and they have posted a ton of videos of said speakers and performers. and out of the twenty or so TED lectures i've seen over the past couple of months, every single one has either been incredibly enlightening, inspirational or entertaining, if not a combination of the three...much like a favorite drunk uncle. though sadly, unlike your uncle, the videos aren't able to tell stories about how crazy mom was back in college.

in all seriousness...go check out some of the TED videos. allow me to suggest a couple to get you started.

What we can Learn from Spaghetti Sauce
Underwater Astonishments
5 Dangerous Things You Should let Your Kids Do
The Tragedy of Suburbia

and here's one for all the writers and bloggers out there: Redefining the Dictionary



Justin said...

I think I'm hooked. Thank you.

mac said...

yeah man. some really great stuff there. some talks are on stuff i just couldn't get interested in...but even some of the architecture and design lectures were really interesting.

glad you're enjoying it.