kristy lee cook

for those of you who saw American Idol this week, you may remember kristy lee cook:

well i know her. so booyah! alright, alright...i don't ACTUALLY know her. but i do know someone who actually knows her. my friend kevin is a local photographer, and has used kristy as a model for years. apparently she did really well on her audition and has a shot at making it pretty far in the competition. she can't tell us (yes, US. can't you let a man dream?) whether she made the top 12 or whatever, because of the secrecy agreement she has to maintain with fox. but she probably did. and kevin probably told her all about me. and she probably wants to marry me and be famous together and stuff.

so...that could be cool.


Justin said...

Dude Mac. You just keep getting awesomer. And like, closer to awesome people.

Dave said...

Dude, she is a hottie. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk.

mac said...

anonymous makes their return. feel like stepping out of the shadows and into our extremely friendly, non-hostile, incredibly loving environment here on the blog?

boys? ahem...i'm sure you meant to say men.

Anonymous said...

ha ha. did i? men?!

Anonymous said...

i'm almost as infamous as this kristi girl.