there sure are a lotta me's out there...

every couple of months i search for the name 'mac mitchell' on facebook. today's search came up big. two new mac mitchell's have joined facebook recently. and of course i automatically sent them friend requests. here's a quick synopsis of some of the other mac mitchell's i've discovered out there:

1. mac mitchell: age 21 (lufkin, tx) - graduating from sfasu in '08. he enjoys tennis, grey's anatomy and doesn't like to read.
2. mac mitchell: age 15 (houston, tx) - graduating from cypress creek high school in '10. he's single, like's video games and WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!
3. mac mitchell: age 26(?) (gainesville, fl) - UF graduate, married and has two dogs. i actually heard about this guy from some of my UF friends. i also met his roommate who came to clemson for a tour.
4. mack mitchell: age 19 (cheyenne, wy) - graduating from WU in '09. enjoys break dancing, the ladies and has excellent taste in music and movies.

i am really interested in the other mac mitchell's of the world. the ones i've found thus far are all different and live all over the country. it's amazing. though, they are all named mckenzie...while my name is macgregor.

which led me to search for macgregor mitchell as well, and all that came up was a married couple whose last name is macgregor-mitchell. they weren't interested in adding me as a friend as they prefer to keep their profiles 'private'. and i guess by private they mean not private, as i was able to see all their photos and interests and everything. which led me to the saddening conclusion that it is possible for people to have the greatest last name of all time and still be jerks. i hope their kid (whose name is clarissa....ya, real "private" profile you got going there guys) does the name justice as her parents are clearly smearing it with mud.

p.s....if i was to marry clarissa macgregor-mitchell, i'd drop my middle name of dean, and replace it with my last name of mitchell...making me:

macgregor mitchell macgregor-mitchell. i might just have to keep tabs on this kid...


Anonymous said...

Then, there'd be a True E! Hollywood Story on how much of a CREEPSTER you are, titled, "Clarissa Explains It All."

Anonymous said...

So buddy, i'm quite impressed that you wrote something on my family. By the way my wife is clarissa. Also we didn't add you because we don't know you. Not because we wanted things private. if we wanted things private we wouldn't have facebook. But you have very interesting thoughts. Its pretty bad when you write false information.