a girl named poo

my cousin peggy once had a dream that she owned a pug named poo poo. upon waking she was disappointed to discover that in fact it was just a dream, and she had no dog to wake up to. a couple of weeks later she decided to follow that dream and got a pug, and named it poo poo. after a long, fruitful life, this is poo as she is today...

i don't want to make a habit of posting photos of cute, little animals...but damn, how can you not love this dog?


Alyssa said...

There is a very soft spot in my heart for pugs. I love this dog! So cute.

My dog's name is Precious. My family has nicknames for all our animals: Maggie Moo, Misty Moo, even me (Alyssa Lu), and when it came to Precious, she's Precious Poo. Poo for short. It's a cute nickname for pets.

Justin said...

...except that it's gross and nauseating.

That dog rocks.

Anonymous said...

You made PuPu look like the glamour hound she is even in advanced age. What talent! Maybe you could do the same for her moms?

Love, Cousin Peg