the mortgage crisis

have you guys heard about this subprime mortgage crisis thing? i don't know much about it, other than it's bad, and that it's on the news and stuff a lot. but i don't really watch the news...not even when dad has the remote and we're watching tv together. even then i just kind of tune out and stare into space...which is more entertaining than watching the news. plus, it's not cool for people in my generation to watch the news anyway.

but i did find a funny video on the internet (which is very cool for people in my generation...funny videos are like the hot rods of the 50's. whoever can come up with the best one gets all the chicks. and by chicks i mean email.) of an australian comedy duo explaining the subprime mortgage crisis.

it's pretty funny AND informative...which means i look twice as cool.

check it out.

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