this just in...

i just got to submit my first "just in" story for the times-union (the newspaper i work for). the "just in" articles are for 'breaking or interesting news'. granted, most articles in the paper make it in as a "just in" article...but since i work for a small, weekly, community section...our articles hardly ever make it.

so here's a link to my first "just in" article.

also, the photo included with the article, along with another, are possibly going to be printed in the metro section of tomorrow's paper. make sure to check it out.


elaine said...

as i hopped down a bunny trail of blogs today, i discovered yours. lucky me.

Anonymous said...



Sutton said...

So I saw you left Bop a comment and I clicked and here you are. How about that! You know she's living here with me in Birmingham til she gets married? It's pretty great. Way to go with your article. Did you get to pet him?